StormTrack 12 App Reviews

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Background Color

The contrast difference using radar is poor. The map color needs to be a darker color. The bright red color used in the app was a poor choice. It causes one to look at the weather information quickly because the color is irritating and over powering. A commercial on tv showed the app in blue.

Just gets worse each release

I’ve used this app as my main weather resource for years - until now. It has gotten so bloated, slow and buggy that I can’t stand using it anymore. I’ve deleted it and am now trying WNCT9 for local weather. Skip Waters would never have let this happen!

Best weather app!

Are use this app at least 2 to 3 times a day. I tell everyone about it, I feel like my own brother person.

Great app

I love tracking storms, and this app is awesome I use this app every day to check for severe weather it's a must-download app


Best weather app

Wcti weather at your fingertips

Love this app. I usually miss the weather on TV and this gives me weather at my fingertips anytime. I love the video part too! Love having my local weather guys give me the weather rather than an app based out of another state.

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